Things You Need To Sell Your Car to Scanlon Acura in Fort Myers

Are you ready to sell your vehicle?

After Scanlon Acura has appraised your vehicle, we require some items to finish the sale.  If you have questions about what you should bring in, please do not hesitate to contact one of our dealership locations today. You can view our process to see what you can expect while here to sell us your car, truck or SUV.

Sell your vehicle checklist

  1. A valid Photo ID for title holders; Most people just use a valid driver's license, but a State ID, or passport will also suffice.
  2. Valid Vehicle Registration; The registration confirms the vehicle is owned by you.
  3. Extra Keys, remotes, and owner manuals; The offer to purchase a vehicle is based upon having a full set of working remotes and keys for a vehicle.  If the books or keys are damaged or missing, we may adjust the purchase offer to compensate for the damage or missing item. 
  4. You vehicles title or lien holder/payoff  information; Your vehicles title is needed to process the sale of your vehicle.  All title holders should be present unless the title reads "or".  If it reads or, then either party may sign for the vehicle sale.  If you are not sure what it reads, please check our FAQ  section.


What to expect after you sell your vehicle

After you accept Scanlon Acura purchase offer and complete the necessary paperwork your request for a bank check is made.  We do not place restrictions on what you do with your check after the sale like competitors.  You will have that check in hand sometimes as fast as two days! * Some time restrictions apply, especially when liens are present on vehicles.

Want to get the process started?
You can set up an appointment  now, call one of our trained sales consultants, or come in to one of our facilities to sell your vehicle today!

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